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About us

We are your source for high-quality custom print products, which include, but not limited to: advertising, military, holidays, religious, sports and customized flags, banners, computer decals (bumper stickers) and and many other products, the assortment of which you can see on our website.

We are pleased to serve a diverse collection of satisfied customers: individuals, businesses, not for profit organizations (youth soccer leagues). 

Whether you are an individual consumer or a business looking to promote your brand, your Apedes experience will be easy and hassle free.  Our business model is built on four key service principles: Ease, confidence, communication and timelines.

  • Ease: For your convenience we offer several venues to make the purchase.
  • Confidence: We offer 14-day money back guarantee. * 
  • Communication: we will do our best to respond to any inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Timelines: We promise a second day shipping on most of our finest products.* 


In addition to a large variety of in stock products we offer custom-made designs to fit your needs. Our in-house designer will be glad to materialize your ideas; with the final product printed and shipped to your doorsteps in reasonable time.

To browse our collection of products please navigate to the Store panel; you can also see our products on our eBay and Amazon storefronts.

For custom/bulk orders please contact as at: